Friday, January 4, 2019

Standup Journal article

Alex Mauer goes all-out in learning to surf a SUP foil and tells his story to Standup Journal.

..surfed wave after wave until my legs were jelly.
Over the rest of the trip, I found my share of wipeouts and revelled in my share of “flight” time. 

I learned, with practice, that the easiest way to get out to the line up is to wade the board, foil pointed up, until in chest deep water. Once chest deep, flip the foil into the water, jump onto the board and paddle over the waves to the line up.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Windfoil Zone

Watch the whole collection from Sam Ross's Flight School. These were recommended by this site

TutorialsVideos showing how to get started for beginners, improving techniques for moderate foilers, and for the more advanced there are opportunities to see new tricks.

BlogNews, interviews, tutorials, reviews.

DirectoryAll the places where you can rent and/or learn how to windfoil
[but nothing anywhere in the Pacific or Indian Oceans at this date - December 2018]

Online Store:
Their selection of products from trusted brands.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Another Saturday

A week or two ago I had another tow behind a boat to get and idea of what to do when on the foil and the board starts to feel very vague.

Today's Saturday had south wind, quite gusty and it had been blowing for days.
We do not have anywhere that you can sail smooth water in those conditions.

There was a bit of a stuff-up with recording this session on my watch but the foiling bit was the bottom of the two lines.
I was not going flat out, just easing it up gently and getting some airtime before the next bit of chop hit the board. Recovering from these splashes - it was good practice to do that, but very draining.

In the end I gained some confidence that I can now windfoil, I know where the feet go on the board (I ride without straps - relying on rubber booties on a rubber deck).

That said I am aware that I need more practice in smooth surface conditions. The NE wind does allow this at a spot just north of where I sailed today.

At the moment it looks like the combination of windfoiling and riding waves is way beyond me. Maybe a Gerroa session would fix that.

Friday, November 9, 2018


Slowly getting there. Wind was enough to get the foil flying in the water without lifting the board clear of the surface.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Another board and a bigger foil

If at first you don't succeed - buy more gear.

Here is a photo of another board that I converted to having a foil.
Southpoint Bonga Perkins design 9'5" by about 28" wide, wide point forward.

All this stuff at the bottom is a record of riding it for the first time, SUP foil style (on-the-knees to take off).

10 waves in 2 hours was a reflection of the long period of parts of the small swell.

[I doubt I will be using the orange board again.]

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Windsurf Wave Foiling

I so want to do this by November 2018 or February 2019 at the latest..

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Towing a foil behind a boat

  1. Try the foil further forward on the board.
  2. If you are kneeling in the wrong place it is difficult to move;
  3. Acceleration can pull the person forward and the nose of the board down
  4. When the foil comes up the loose hand should go up into a slack-lining stance to help with roll control.
  5. Work out at what speed the foil comes out of the water, get to it, then stay at that speed (no faster).
I have three videos of me getting it mostly wrong. I will watch these some more and try to find more things that I can learn.