Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Aluminum Mast 85 cm

Buying bits and trying stuff.
The latest purchase is a tall mast for the foil.

All masts are available as separate accessories without screws, available separately, to accommodate different skill levels and sports.
Currently I am using a 70 cm foil mast and the XLarge wing for surfing and the 85 cm mast and the Large (WS1) wing for windfoiling.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Staying on my knees

After breaking my thumb (Easter 2019), I was wary when surfoiling of standing up after take-off.

I have resolved to do all my surf riding kneeling, to focus on using the foil to get lots of speed across the wave, pointing higher than is possible on a normal board.

Once I get more time wind foiling I will review the no-standing policy.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Finally an explanation

For months I have been doing something wrong with my windfoiling.

This site and Wyatt Miller have the explanation of what I should focus on to solve these problems:


My list of takeaways from this is:
  1. crank upwind in gusty overpowering conditions - resist the habit of sheeting off in the gusts;
  2. get your body weight forward, by default and use the front leg to balance the pitch;
  3. do not hang out the side of the board, stand straight up;
  4. use lots of room to slowly gybe the board, hold off flipping the sail;
  5. don't worry about being too far downwind, getting back up is easy;
  6. move harness lines forward and don't get too concerned if you don't hook in.

Friday, March 29, 2019

HOVER Crossover 120

Back in February I upgraded to a Naish Hover board - back to the future?

Yes, I should have mentioned it earlier.
Anyway, reading this site today I noticed some things:

Thing one:
SUP-foiling (in forward position) + windsurf-foiling (in back-most position)

I have been doing both from the middle position, mostly without much success.

Thing two:
They say "this board is a great choice for beginner foilers, while those more experienced can position the foil further back for greater manoeuvrability."

So maybe I was right to have it in the middle position, the last thing I need at the moment is "greater manoeuvrability".

From the specs Crossover-SUP/Windsurf Foiling 120
It is 120 litres
length 7’6”/228.6 cm
width 30”/76.2 cm
Fins: comes with FCS 4.5 + 3.5 Quad
Sail range 3.4 to 6.0 sq metres

I am using it with the 5.4 sq metre sail in the picture above and a 4.2 sq metre sail called a Chopper.

Instead of the quad fins that came with the board I am using the following fin setup to sailboard without the foil.

Look closely and see how having four bolts in the front of the plate allows me to have the fin further back than the US boxes would otherwise allow.

Did I mention that I am very close to getting this working for me?
Any day now..

All I have to do with the Windfoiling is unlearn 40 years of sailboarding and sheet on, not off when I come up on the foil.

All I have to do with the SUPing is get to my feet from the kneeling position before the board comes up on the foil. Had some fun rides staying on my knees but I want to "take this to the next level".

Any day now..