Friday, December 28, 2018

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Another Saturday

A week or two ago I had another tow behind a boat to get and idea of what to do when on the foil and the board starts to feel very vague.

Today's Saturday had south wind, quite gusty and it had been blowing for days.
We do not have anywhere that you can sail smooth water in those conditions.

There was a bit of a stuff-up with recording this session on my watch but the foiling bit was the bottom of the two lines.
I was not going flat out, just easing it up gently and getting some airtime before the next bit of chop hit the board. Recovering from these splashes - it was good practice to do that, but very draining.

In the end I gained some confidence that I can now windfoil, I know where the feet go on the board (I ride without straps - relying on rubber booties on a rubber deck).

That said I am aware that I need more practice in smooth surface conditions. The NE wind does allow this at a spot just north of where I sailed today.

At the moment it looks like the combination of windfoiling and riding waves is way beyond me. Maybe a Gerroa session would fix that.