Sunday, July 22, 2018

Wearing a watch - Suunto

I had been getting down about my lack of success with the foil. It seems that every waves ends with a wipeout and that is all I had been thinking about afterwards. Now I have now found a cure.

By recording my activity when I surf foil I am able to see how many waves I have caught; how fast I went and my total time surfing. And I can call up the session and review it.

The one above was a bit under an hour, I caught 7 waves and my top speed was 21.2 km/h

Saturday, July 14, 2018


I knew all along that pumping was worth doing but I was focussed on getting up and foiling before trying it.

Anyway in today's conditions (3.5+m and 11 secs) the sheltered bay was giving all sorts of opportunities to foil. Most of what I did was use a breaking or broken wave to get going and then as it swelled out to pump to keep going. Left me with a positive feeling that I was getting somewhere. Lots of exercise.

ALSO bumped into a bloke with a SMIK board - see photo.

I took this photo to check his tail rocker against mine. I can't see any difference. The positioning of the foil box was basically the same as mine - reassuring.
A bonus for me was that the board was also 130 litres and could be used as a sailboard.
After 5 years of doing what I do, it was strange to find someone with anything similar.