Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A week moving around Surf City and Mornington

A number of things were observed, or finalised, during a week of surfing Victoria's surf spots:
  1. The angle of the foil mast to the bottom of the board was worked out
  2. Wave selection was initially a wave that broke and then swelled out into deep water.
  3. This was extended to include waves previously unmakeable 
  4. It was noted that an extra 5 degrees could be added to the angle that the board could move across the wave
  5. How to bail out before the wave closes out was refined
  6. Lots of practice getting the board into and out of the water (floating with foil up)
  7. While most waves were ridden in the kneeling position some attempts to stand up gave a good idea of how much freedom (too much) was available in three dimensions (pitch, roll & yaw)
  8. My initial idea that sailboarding foil was the best way to introduce to foiling was corrected. The best way is kneeling up SUPing.
This is not the place that I surfed (it is Bells) but it gives you an idea of the swell that was available at the start of the trip.

Here is how much the foil mast base had to be adjusted to correct for the kick in the tail of the board.

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