Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sailboarding with the foil

I searched YouTube for how to get the sailboard with foil into the water; get on the board and get into position to starting sailing - no luck. All the how to videos started from the standing-on-the-board position.
So I went to the local foiling spot to watch others do it.
Having been put off previously I thought that this weekend's forecast offered a chance to try light to moderate seabreezes without riding on choppy water.
While I did not get fully up on the foil these things made me feel that steps had been taken:
1 . Footstraps
I put footstraps into every position available on the board.
That way I worked out which ones I was using.
The one over the foil mast was favoured, as expected.
Final footstrap positions are in the photo.
Previous ones were further back on the board.

2. Pull-up starts
The board has two mast base tracks. By using the middle one pull-up starts were easier. The
sailing position that results is not what I am used to but it made sense with the other things
that I had learnt on YouTube.
3. Harness lines
This is a work in progress, but while lots of little adjustments are taking place it is difficult to stay connected and not such a problem to be disconnected.
4. Mast foil height
The foil I bought came with two foil masts; a 55 cm and a 65 cm.
I had been using the 55 to date, but the 65 appeared to be a better choice for sailboarding.
The 55 is OK for surfing.

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