Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Results after one month

Windfoiling - 55cm foil mast
There is a fine line between not enough wind and too much.
Gusty conditions can make it difficult to do the necessary adjustments.
Chop on the water is best avoided at the early stages of learning.

Short paddle SUP foiling - 65cm foil mast
High tide often has a fierce shorebreak that feels like it wants to break the gear.
Low tide gives more opportunities to run aground.
Going from a kneeling position to a standing position should be done before the board goes up on the foil.

Watching others do things easily and well can take its toll..

Tip from Blue Planet:
Foil Surfing Foot Hooks

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  1. I was injured because of the way I set up my front foil hook. More about that later..