Saturday, April 21, 2018

Try, try try again

Saturday 21 April was a chance to get the paddle on the knees thing going.
1.1 m south south-east swell at 13 seconds and a light south-easter.
So the place to go was:
Best surf in Sydney today?

I moved the foil base to the furthest back position on the track.
The rear bolts into the base plate were replaced with longer bolts.
Added to these rear bolts were fat washers that had the effect ot pointing the foil a little higher at the front.
So today I worked out:
1. How to get to and from this distant spot carrying all this gear.
2. That I forget about using the rear-most position on the mast tracks.
3. That when I come up on the foil if the weight on my knees is different the board turns almost immediately.
4. That if I am going to take off on my knees then standing up will be an opportunity for things to go wrong.

Blue Planet
on their YouTube channel suggested:
1. That instead of footstraps to use foil foot hooks (blocks of foam to help position the feet).
I had set these up and while I did not use them today I am happy with what I have set up.
2. That boards for foiling not have much bottom rocker.
Unfortunately the Starboard (potato) Pocket Rocket that I am using is famous for its bottom rocker.
3. That the places that they go to when they doing this are not classic beach breaks.
Watch closely how the waves swell up and run for a long time.

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